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Ana Jorges likes change. During her college years, she spent a year at Smith, a year at CCNY, a year and two summers at St. Johns, a year at New Mexico University, and a year at the Florida Institute of Technology. During her working life, she has been an advertising copywriter, a dancer, and a disk jockey. She worked briefly at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. She has been a cultural attache on three continents, including our own, and at various times and at various colleges, she has taught linguistics, creative writing, and 18th century European history. But constant within all these changes, she has remained a writer.

During her twenties Ana Jorges worked mainly as dancer, touring the US and Europe, performing and teaching. Her career as a dancer was abruptly cut short by a freak accident — while swimming off the southern coast of France, on a near cloudless day, she was struck by lightning. During her lengthy convalescent period following this accident, she wrote her first book, "A Flight of Nightmares", a collection of short stories and essays.

This book was critically acclaimed, but was not commercially successful in the USA. However, it was translated into German, where it became a cult classic. One of the stories, "Aunt Lilly", became the subject of a short film.

In addition to "A Flight of Nightmares", her books include: "Taken from Life: Verse for Trees, Fish, and Other Life-forms;" "The Arduous Magic of Thomas Telford" (unpublished); "The Narinesh Diaries;" "McAdam Made the Roads;" "Bolivar on Bogota;" "The Serpent and the Bear;" "The Avianne Trilogy: Falcon, Phoenix, Crown" (Part III of which is awaiting publication.)

Ms. Jorges currently holds the post of Managing Editor at Whitestone Press / FreeLook Bookstore.

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