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Links to Other Interesting Sites

Below is a list of other interesting links that you might want to take a look at. Some of these are friends of ours, and others are just links that we find interesting.

  • FreeLook BookStore
    Of course. They're our sponsor (we keep telling you this...) and they have copies of the complete Ana Jorges trilogy online for quick access. You can take a look at the first several chapters of her books, get classic novels, and read up on the latest news. Lots of free stuff at this website for the literary minded among us. Don't be shy. Click through right now!

  • FREE-Zine
    Cool E-Zine. Ana Jorges works at the site as an editor, and you can find an occasional story by her in the E-Zine. Darcy has been known to write a story or two, which you can find on the site for some free reading. Of course. They're our sponsor (in case you didn't know by now:) It's updated every couple of weeks, so check back often.

  • Classic Novels And Authors
    A nice website for a compilation of authors. Includes galleries, commentary, abstracts, and biographies on a good list of classic authors over the past 100 years. Nice jump point if you want to get started with some online e-book reading, or doing research (such as when it's 9:30PM and the paper is suppose to be on the teacher's desk tomorrow morning.)

  • Hobo Boxcar - A Site For Hoboes
    An interesting website about the book "Wisdom Of The Rails, by Jon Stone. For example: "The hobo's knowledge of the world is restricted by his lack of a television set, a radio, a daily newspaper. Consequently, he has much less to worry about..." Take a look at the gallery of railway pictures, and browse some of the website links.

  • Author William Angle Website
    William Angle is author of "The Package", "Circles", "Golden Years", and various other science fiction and speculative fiction stories. Who knows who he is? (Only Ana knows for sure.) Featured writer at the FreeLook Bookstore, this guy is great! Make sure you catch some of his free "Targa" stories in the Freelook Bookstore E-Zine.

  • Washington Square Fansite For Henry James
    A nice fansite for "Washington Square", one of our favorite books. Includes a lot of information on Author Henry James, and some detailed drill down on this magnificent classic. Includes a cool gallery of pictures. If nothing more, a pretty good example of obsessive fandom by our own CC Charles: read his alternate ending to the book. (Enough said!)

  • Project Gutenberg
    Project Gutenberg is the oldest producer of free electronic books (eBooks or etexts) on the Internet. They have a of collection of more than 13,000 eBooks, produced by hundreds of volunteers. Most of the Project Gutenberg eBooks are older literary works that are in the public domain in the United States. (Great job guys!)

I guess we have nothing better to do than maintain this list. If you want us to cross-link, contact us and we'll be happy to add your link to the above list. Submit your URL HERE, and please include a valid e-mail address.

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