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Minutes From 2004 Fan Club Meeting

-- Recorded by:
-- Darcy Malone, Fans Of Ana Jorges, Club Secretary / Treasurer.

First, for those of you who attended the Ana Jorges fan club meeting in December of last year at the Walt Disney World Swan And Dolphin resort, I have to say how great it was to meet you all. We had a remarkable number of new faces this year, and I think I got a chance to talk with you all one-on-one. It was a great turn out! And I don't need to tell you how much fun we all had.

First, I apologize that it took nearly two months to get around to posting these minutes. All I can say is, if you wanted the job done you should have kept me as club President, instead of bumping me down to Secretary / Treasurer! (Hahaha.) No really -- I apologize for the delay....

Also, I didn't get any photos from the meeting. I looked around, but no one seems to want to post there photos to the web. So I guess this is the only record we have of the event (which is better than 2003, where we didn't even have an minutes!)

Here is what happened.

  • Thursday night. Began with a meet and greet down at the lobby bar. A lot of people were driving in from Tampa and Miami, but we had a surprising number of people people fly in. Ana drops by about 9:30 PM and chats with us for an hour. Everyone goes wild. She's very gracious -- she says she can't stay too long and leaves promptly after 60 minutes. She's with some guy (call him Mr. X because I can't remember his name) and he seems annoyed by all the fawning over Ana. I secure her promise to attend the dinner on Sunday night.

  • Late Thursday night. We graduate to some bar over at the adjoining boardwalk, and spend most of the evening in several groups. I get pretty blitzed but not so bad I can't get back to my room.

  • Friday 10:30 AM. Breakfast downstairs. Only a few people show up.

  • Friday 01:00 PM. Meeting starts in nice conference room on first floor. Dolphin provides refreshments. I can't eat anything because I had a big breakfast.

  • Friday 01:10 PM. Approve minutes of previous meeting. Unfortunately, no one can find these minutes. This leads to a few recriminations. I explain that L.M. (who didn't attend this year because she is in Ireland) never gave me a copy and everyone believes me :)

  • Friday 01:30 PM. Election of new officers. Kay Selma is elected president. Darcy Moline (your's truly) is elected secretary treasurer, which is more work than I wanted to do, but for Ana I figure it's worth it.

  • Friday 02:00 PM. Review of finances. Corky tells us we've spent only around $20 dollars last year on postage and that's all. He suggests we can waive any dues for this year. General discussion follows. Motion is made by M.F. to give the money to a charity and keep paying dues. Motion narrowly defeated.

  • Friday 02:30 PM. Begin discussions of new business.

  • Friday 03:45 PM. Motion by C.C. is made to finally get rid of banner ads on our website. Motion passes unanimously (so I guess it was a good thing we didn't give our dues to charity.)

  • Friday 04:00 PM. Motion by Andie is made to sell advertising on the Ana Jorges website, maybe on behalf of the FreeLook Bookstore. General discussion follows. C.C. indicates this would violate the club charter, which would have to be amended. Motion is made by Andie to modify club charter, but this is defeated.

  • Friday 04:15 PM. Motion is made by P.to adjourne and resume on Saturday. General discussion. A lot of people are going to Disney on Friday, and there is heavy debate. We decide to keep going with the meeting.

  • Friday 04:45 PM. Motion is made by Kay to form committee to have a membership drive. General discussion: very polarizing, with about half the people arguing we have a duty to the club to increase membership (and I'm in that half if you remember) with the other half pretty much taking the attitude of what the heck -- "The club is big enough. Let's keep it exclusive." Finally, C.C., who is leading the opposition (and this was funny if you remember) finally blows up and he makes a big deal about the fact that -- what's the website for if not to get membership? And I get carried away myself and call him "lazy", and "tempermental", and then we vote for forming committee to promote membership drive and it is narrowly defeated. (A big mistake, people!)

  • Friday 05:15 PM. Motion by Dr. G to strike the previous discussion from the minutes. Motion is denied as in violation to club charter, and that has already been discussed, hence is out-of-order. I don't know parlaimentary proceedure, but it sounds right to me, and it is rapidly becoming clear that Kay Selma is really a great President for the 2005 year!

  • Friday 05:30 PM. Motion by H.J. to adjourn. Unanimously passed.

  • Friday 07:00 PM. Entertainment out by the fountain. Darcy Malone puts on a top-notch baton twirling show. Most of the club attends but the real bang comes from all the foreigners who aren't familiar with this great American art form. Great applause! (Thank you!)

  • Friday 07:30 PM. Dinner and conversation. Who ends up with whom is surprising (if you recall) I won't go there because several people asked me not to make notes on this so of course won't :) I'll just say that C.C. and me are on speaking terms again after that rousing debate on the membership drive!

  • Sunday 05:30 PM. Wrap up dinner. Unfortunately, most people skip this when it is announced that Ana Jorges is not attending after all. The few remaining people (who have no other place to go) are pleasantly surprised when Ana actually shows up after all! We have a really cosy dinner. Ana is wearing a black evening dress with black glittery shoulder pads and a very refined gold necklace. Mr. X is dressed in this dark blue suite with power red tie. Ana doesn't talk much -- she sits drinking espressos and just keeps an eye on things. She seems highly amused by the whole thing, whereas Mr. X keeps checking his watch....

So that's it for the 2004 year. I will get with Kay Selma about some alternatives for our 2005 meeting. (Once again, we forgot to pick next year's meeting place before adjouring. Just like the previous year!) One thing is absolutely for sure -- I promise you -- absolutely promise you -- without any compromise -- I am not going to accept the nomination for Ana Jorges Fan Club Secretary again. (Just joking hahaha, although I REALLY would prefer if you made me President again. Hint. Hint.)

-- Posted February 15th, 2005

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