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ANA JORGES Works And Commentary

Below is a partial compendium of books, articles, and other writings of ANA JORGES. This list is is not complete; we will be adding new references and reviews to this list as they become available.

A Flight of Nightmares. Ana Jorges first book, this is a collection of eerie short stories, some of which have been republished in other volumes and journals. In addition to the stories below, he original edition includes the stories "You Never Know," "The Hated Dwarf," and "The White Room."

  • Journalist — A strange story of the odds on life (and death) in the global city. Whom does death take, when he comes to call, the narrator wonders, and whom does he leave behind. And why?
  • Sister and the Bear — A peculiar twist on animal "husbandry". When a young woman and her brother are attacked by a bear, Sister gets her revenge by first seducing the bear, and then marrying him!
  • Aunt Lilly — A classic ghost story. What can one do about the poor silly woman? She was hopeless when she was alive, and she even more helpless now that she's gone! Both humorous and terrifying.
  • The Road to Jay-Roo-Say-Lem — A young man leaves a tent-meeting in disgust and comes face to face with an angel, who is not what he had expected at all!
  • Poor Child — wanders an odd unearthly dream-scape where he can enter any house, but is welcome in none of them.
Poetry and Verse by ANA JORGES. Ana Jorges is a prolific writer of poetry. Her work has appeared in a number of different literary magazines and journals, as well as in compilations.
  • Taken from Life: Verse for Trees, Fish, and Other Life-Forms The short verse in this collection ranges from prosaic, to beautiful, to wildly irreverent. Not all the verse deals with life-forms. For example: One may turn up one's nose at second-hand clothes / though some people like 'em and wear 'em. / And you have to look far for a first-rate used car / and as for myself — I can't bear'em. / Ah, but handle and look at a first-rate used book! / Though the cover and pages are tatters, / the thoughts through and through may be all glossy new. / It's the mind and the matter that matters!

Non-Fiction by ANA JORGES. Ana Jorges has written extensively on a number of different subjects, both technical and non-technical. In addition to various articles on travel, writing, and teaching, her non-fiction includes the following major works.

  • The Arduous Magic of Thomas Telford A biography of the 19th century English builder-engineer who designed and built churches, roads, bridges, and canals throughout the British Isles — projects of a quality and on a scale previously unheard of in the world.
  • McAdam Made the Roads A biography of the English road-builder John McAdam
  • Bogota on Bolivar A journal describing a winter of research into the body of mythology that has grown up around the life and work of the "Liberator of South America."

Fantasy by ANA JORGES. Ana Jorges most famous and recognizable works, appearing in various languages, and various forms, are her fantasy books. These books have appeared both in print, and recently in e-book form. Her latest work, "The Avianne Trilogy", is available exclusively from The FreeLook BookStore, where she is managing editor.

  • The Narinesh Diaries A fantasy tale of a young woman who assumes her brother's identity in order to escape a life of slavery in a foreign land. She returns to her own country to take revenge for her brother's death and meets an unexpected ally and friend . . . who causes her to change her mind.
  • The Serpent and the Bear A fantasy novel of a young man who goes in search of a kidnapped demigod. The action is set in the country of Berachan, whose ruler has murdered — or tried to murder — all other aspirants to the throne. But one claimant has been overlooked...
  • The Avianne Trilogy: Falcon, Phoenix, Crown The fantasy-history of the last kings of Avianne combines magic, politics, and adventure. (The final book of the trilogy will appear Spring, 2001) These stories, set slightly earlier than the action in "The Serpent and the Bear," are allied to Jorges' other fantasies in that they shares some of the settings and many of the same characters. Action centers around Ware, a young aide to the deposed king of Avianne, the king himself, and Steel, his young kinswoman.

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